Prior NATTO Recipient

I am so grateful and honored to be one of the recipients of the NATTO scholarship. Thank you for seeing value in my work as an artist and for setting out and continuing to support other comics creators like me all around the world. My goal with my comic Dalienation is to show that making sense of ourselves is not achieved solely through philosophy, religion or science. Dalienation is a project very dear to my heart and I want to thank you for seeing potential in it. -Aicha Berry

Prior NATTO Recipient

Because of the Nattosoup Scholarship, I’m able to continue my studies and improve my comic and freelancing career. Although I was greatly delayed due to hurricane Maria back in September, and only recently was able to get back on my feet, I’m still eager to finally be able to pursue continued education using online and local courses now that things have normalized. I genuinely cannot thank Becca and Joseph enough for the opportunity, their understanding, and giving artists this push to continue to try harder and improve. -Eliana Falcon

NATTO Scholarship Motivation

I didn't exactly grow up poor, but our family didn't have money to spare. They counted on me getting a TOPS scholarship—an in-state academic scholarship sponsored by the Taylor Foundation. While I dreamed of going to an art college from an early age, finances kept me local, and I felt frustrated by the art programs and the fact that my scholarship didn't cover necessary expensive art supplies. It wasn't until my father passed away, leaving me enough inheritance money to pursue a more formal and strident art education, that I was able to go to SCAD for sequential arts.

As a comic and teaching artist, my income isn't stable enough to fund a scholarship, so I'm grateful that my partner generously finances the scholarship. Together, we offer the NATTO scholarship to alleviate a little of the hardship many students face purchasing the supplies necessary for their art education.

Who's eligible?

Anyone enrolling for undergraduate or graduate and interested in sequential art.

What's required?

  1. 500 word essay
  2. 12 page online portfolio

What's sequential art?

Comics. Storyboards. Children's books.
Nattosoup Studio Logo

A children's comics studio producing art education through blogs, videos, panels, and classes.

1300 edu-blogs over 12 years

I share my art, work process, and educational information to inform rising artists. I review art supplies and conventions and create tutorials. My posts have been viewed a million times by all kinds of aspiring artists from new students to retired pros.

1100 hours of art edu videos

I'm helping pave the way for the next generation of female artists with my in depth, step-by-step tutorials, nitpicky and honest art supply reviews / field tests. Let me show you everything I've learned from SCAD and since! Loads of great art tips, tricks, and tutorials to save time and money.

Becca Hillburn Comic Artist Illustrator


I'm a comic artist and illustrator from a small town in rural Louisiana. My hometown of Luling acted as inspiration for most of my work. It serves as the setting for my kidlit comic, 7" Kara, and as the impetus for pursuing higher art education. Growing up in little Luling, my options for pursuing art were limited to art electives in primary school and self-directed art education from the internet. My struggles compelled me to pay it forward by sharing my education, experiences, and resources with a new generation of artists. My frustrations from the lack of encouragement solidified into resolution. As I pursued higher art education (BA and MFA) I shared my experiences with those who lacked.


I'm passionate about kids comics, and want to help fill the gaps in kidlit by creating comics that are beautiful, heartfelt, and focus on friendship. I believe comics are a fantastic gateway for struggling readers as they intwine dialogue and character response and include visual details to keep distracted readers engaged. I believe comics should be included in every reading list, and do my best to promote the artform in my daily life. You may have seen my comics in a variety of popular anthologies such as Hana Doki Kira, 1001 Knights, and Chainmail Bikini, and I'm currently working on a self published graphic novel aimed at early to middle grade readers.

Contact: [email protected]

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