9x12 Snoball print
9x12 Crawfish print
9x12 Strawberries print
9x12 Sugarcane print
9x12 Creole Tomatos print
9x12 Satsuma print
9x12 Nachotiches Meat Pie print
9x12 Tony's print
9x12 Tabasco print

Louisiana Foods Print Series-9x12


A celebration of delicious Louisiana foods- now available as affordable art prints!

12.00in. × 9.00in.
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A celebration of delicious Louisiana foods!

Since 7" Kara is set in Louisiana, I figured it'd be a perfect fit to pair Kara with some of my favorite Louisiana local specialities.  From ice cold snowballs to spicy Tabasco sauce, every one of these illustrations is a celebration of a local favorite. And while the originals ARE available to purchase, I wanted to make sure anyone who wanted one of these to hang in their kitchen, hallway, or play room could afford one.  


Available Prints:

Many of these prints are also available at a larger size (10x14) and there are more designs in the Louisiana Foods series available at that size.

Prints are an affordable way to own a piece of art.  My prints were handled by Catprint, and are printed on theirHeavy Card Stock with the felt finish- art quality stock.  All prints are bagged in a UV resistant bag, and have a backer board to provide stability.  9"x12" is a standard frame size, so it should be easy to find a frame at Walmart, Michaels, or other big box or craft store that sells frames.  Every print has been signed and dated.

My artprints are as gorgeous as the real thing- I'm so happy with how they printed!