Mushroom girl- a watercolor illustration of a girl inspired by fly agaric
Mushrooms and Moss- a watercolor illustration of various mushrooms on moss.
Frog and Mushroom- a watercolor illustration of a cute frog enjoying a recent rain.

Mushroom Art Prints


One of my best sellers at conventions and craft fairs, my mushroom art prints are adorable and vibrant!  

12.00in. × 9.00in. × 0.20in.
Choose which mushroom print you are purchasing.

Add a little watercolor personality to your walls with these lovely 9"x12" ready-to-frame artist prints! 

My prints are printed through Catprint and are beautifully vibrant!  Printed on cotton felt, they're almost as pretty as the real thing, and much more affordable!  Each print is signed and sealed with love in a UV resistant bag that includes a piece of matte board for protection.